Youth Development

Community Lighthouse Foundation seeks to develop, nurture and cultivate young people to achieve their potential. This ideal is actualised through various projects delivered by experienced volunteers in teaching, mentoring and youth development.

Youth Help & Advice

Providing a space and access for young people to seek advice regarding personal issues, school, careers or emotional support.

Mentoring Programme

Those participants or recipients of the Youth Open Counselling, or those who have taken advantage of the many other programs, voluntarily provide ongoing mentoring to the younger participants, giving them role models and a friend to support them through their development. They also receive training including in listening skills, Safeguarding and First Aid.


Confidence and skills workshops are provided to help young people with self-development, self-image and staying away from negative influences. These workshops include sessions on speaking skills, job interview techniques, career trajectories but also they seek to equip young participant with the skills and know how in countering radicalisation, the influence of drugs and the enticement of crime.

Community Football Program

Working with young people and their interests, weekly football sessions are held to encourage fitness and active positive community participation. We are currently hosting and working with ‘Burnley Football Club in the Community’ initiative to provide young participants the opportunity for qualified football training whilst also creating the platform for Mentors to receive official accreditation in Football Coaching from the Football Association. Award presentation evenings are held every quarter at the culmination of a 10 week tournament. Community participation is encouraged and facilitated with the attendance of leading members of the local community, organisations and institutes.

Group Activities

Team building activities with mentors and volunteers include informal outings to the local cinema, community events and social occasions. This seeks to build a sense of community and develop social skills in a less formal environment and utilising different social interactions and scenarios, providing confidence and self-assurance to those often from troubled and neglected backgrounds.

Community Sports

Building on other projects that are locally based and accessible, sports that are equally beneficial yet less participated in are provided to broaden the experience of young people. Horse Riding, Archery, Martial Arts are proven to mitigate anger issues and behavioural problems and these sports are used to give young people the opportunity to experience and develop themselves using sports they would normally not engage with due to accessibility, affordability or social restrictions such as transport, negative peer pressure and other influences.

International Residential

Providing the opportunity to explore, learn and experience a different environment can be life changing. Community Lighthouse Foundation hosted International Residential trips for young people to the island of Cyprus and the historical city of Istanbul. This trip was designed to expand the range of experience of participants. Exposure to different cultures and people aimed to contribute to the participants returning and growing within their own families and communities. Included within the residential were visits to interfaith sites and exploration of the wonderfully rich cultural heritage of the countries. The International residential also served to build relationships and skills, sought to strengthen understanding between participants and also contribute to learning essential life skills required for travel. The trip served to cater especially for those that came from difficult backgrounds who may have never left to travel outside of their locality.

Art of Wrestling

Lucio Sergio De Santos, a 2019 IBJJF World Champion at Rumi House Nelson. He is a 3rd Degree black belt and the founder of Lucio Sergio BJJ Lifestyle. Lucio has affiliated many gyms including our place at Rumi House where taught kids the art of wresting and grappling in self defence.

We Can Build A Future Together.

Community Lighthouse Foundation seeks to sustain and build on essential projects.

All projects are voluntarily run and contributions are wholly used to further the aforementioned projects. CLF seeks to grow organically and develop its activities to build, strengthen and enhance the valuable service it provides to all the community.

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